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Food Service > Cres Cor Wide Oval Tray Rack

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Cres Cor Food Service Wide Oval Tray Rack Photo

Cres Cor Wide Oval Tray Rack. A mix of affordable and high-end Food Service.
Non Insulated Transport Storage Cabinet

Cres Non Insulated Transport storage cabinet, mobile, enclosed, 69.75 high, single wall non insulated,
Slide Double Tray Rack

Cres Slide Double Rack, holds 14 x 18 trapezoid trays as well as 13 x 18, 14 x 18, and 18 x 26 standard
Queen Rack

Cres Queen Rack Rack, Queen Mary, riveted framework of structural aluminum extrusions, marine edges
Single Stack Heavy Duty Bun Pan Truck

Heavy wall. Solid frame bottom. Aluminum construction. Approved for correctional
Cooler Box Transport Shelving Unit

All welded set up. Aluminum construction. Dunnage Racks & Shelving. Silver. Metal
Stationary Full Heavy Duty Can Rack

Holds 162 #10 cans or 216 #5 cans. Heavy duty aluminum construction. 9 Levels. Wall
Heavy Duty Glass Rack

Extra wide rack slides. Heavy duty aluminum construction. Wall Mountable: Pan & Tray
Platform Dolly pic

Dish dolly, poker chip style, with two adjustable adapters, 4 section platform, compartments
Extreme Dolly pic

Extreme Furniture Dolly, super size, 12 adjustable hex rods, heavy duty 5 swivel
Work Av Cart pic

work stand, side drop shelves with snap lock system, fully welded aluminum frame,
Convertible Crib Seed photo

A gently-aged an adjustable height metal frame

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